Domestic Cleaning Stanley

We offer domestic cleaning services  in Stanley and the surrounding areas. If you need a helping hand to stay on top of your home cleaning just give us a call for a free quotation or complete the form below.
We have regular domestic cleaning slots for weekly house cleaning in Stanley. We also offer alternate weekly cleans too (every fortnight). We have domestic cleaners based all over the North East.
Our Stanley cleaning team covers:
  • Stanley
  • South Moor
  • Tanfield Lea
  • Dipton
  • Craghead
If you would like a free quote for domestic cleaning in the Stanley area  please fill out your details below.

We'll be in touch with you to find out how we can hep and to give you a free quotation.

Weekly Domestic Cleaning 

Most of our house cleaning customers prefer to book regular weekly cleans. We will always come at the same time, on the dame day each week. We do this so you know exactly when your home is being cleaned.
You will also have the same cleaner every time (except holidays). The means that your cleaner can keep on top of your home cleaning, knowing what extras need cleaning and when.
Some of our customers like to be there when we clean, others prefer to be out and to come back to a clean and tidy home. Whatever you prefer we're happy to accommodate.. 

Home Cleaning Checklist

Our cleaners work from a a home cleaning checklist. Before starting work for the first time on your home our cleaners will run through this list with you. This ensures that we clean everything that needs cleaning and don't miss anything. It also means that we don't just vaccum mop and tidy your home, we give it a thorough clean.
Our cleanings include skirting boards, windows (inside), door handles, kitchen appliances and more.

Domestic Cleaning Standards

Our expectations and standards are higher than a typical cleaning company. That's why we pay our staff on average 15% more than most other domestic cleaning companies in the area.
Our customers are happy to pay a little more to ensure that they get the high quality cleaning in their home.

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